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Improving Critical Care Quality and Outcomes for all Children

Through collaborative high quality data management 
and actionable comparative reports


The VPS COVID-19 Dashboard: North American Pediatric ICUs

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What is VPS?

Virtual Pediatric Systems provides a registry for customizable and comparative statistical reporting and clinical services in support of quality improvement and research

In Partnership With

Over 1.7 Million 
Pediatric ICU Cases

From over 200 ICUs

Over 200,000

Cardiac ICU Cases

From over 55 ICUs

Validated Severity of

Illness Scores

PIM3, PRISM III, PRISM IV, PICSIM, PELOD, and Functional Status Score

VPS Advocates The Quality of Care

VPS advocates for issues important to the needs of critically ill children and has partnered with several national organizations to forward the quality of care provided to children, including:


Who We Are

Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC (“VPS”) has grown from a small group of intensivists in 2004 to a national organization with data provided from over 200 ICUs and over 1.5 million patient admission records (of which over 200,000 are Cardiac specific).  The data base is the largest collaborative for quality improvement based on severity of illness adjusted comparisons of actual, detailed patient records in critical care.
This unique achievement allows VPS to provide state of the art quality reports that are detailed, actionable and comprehensive for practitioners and hospital administrations. VPS has improved the quality of critical care, built the largest national research collaborative, supported the publication of over 125 papers and contributed to saving hundreds of thousands of children’s lives.
In the future, VPS is ideally situated to expand from providing quality assessments to providing decision support, detailed outcomes tracking, discovery and prediction of adverse events and truly effective comparative effectiveness research on hundreds of thousands of critically ill children. This will be achieved on top of VPS’s already successful and vibrant critical care network by adding automated data collection and sophisticated data analysis being pioneered by researchers developing an advanced computational framework for decision support in critically ill children.

The VPS Difference

The largest international data warehouse for critically ill children.

20 years of experience in data management for pediatric ICU patients.

Standardizing clinical data definitions consistent with definitions from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, American Heart Association, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and American College of Cardiology.

Cardiac surgery data consistent with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons specifications.

Only pediatric ICU database using validated severity of illness scores (e.g., PIM-2, PRISM-3, PICSIM and STS-EACTS).

Extreme granularity for ICU specific data (e.g., mechanical ventilation, reintubation, cardiac arrest, ICU procedures and complications, patient diagnoses, neurological outcomes, etc.).

High Quality Data with extensive quality validation (Inter-rater reliability >95%).

Web based database with instant access to data from your own institution.

Quarterly high-fidelity reports comparing data from your institution to institutions of comparable size.

Over 125 scientific publications in high-impact peer reviewed journals.

Co-owned by Children's Hospital Association (formerly NACHRI) that allows data sharing with other databases (e.g., Pediatric Health Information Systems) owned and operated by the organization.

First Pediatric ICU only database established by pioneers in pediatric critical care medicine.

Industry leading expert customer support.