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Dr. Michael Forbes on VPS Research:

Why VPS for Research?

VPS is the largest research association in pediatric critical care internationally. Extensive research has been generated from, supported by and completed within VPS. As part of the original VPS vision, support for pediatric critical care research has always been a primary motivator. VPS has an active research committee, Chaired by Dr. Howard Jeffries, that reviews all research proposals, provides advice on the research design and methods, and provides ongoing support for how to interpret VPS data related to the study.

How do I use VPS data for research?

Researchers must be from a VPS participating hospital. Researchers interested in using VPS data must first receive approval from their local IRB prior to receiving VPS data. In many instances, researchers receive an IRB exemption as a limited dataset is used.
If you an investigator interested in submitting a proposal for a VPS research project, please submit a written proposal that describes the study question and aims, design, research methods and timeline, along with the VPS data request form. This form must be completed, signed and emailed to the coordinator of the VPS research committee. See the VPS research policy for complete information regarding utilization of VPS data for research. 


You can contact us to request the form and submit a proposal. 

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