VPS's Focus on Quality Improvement

VPS has expanded it's QI efforts in several areas:

  • QI Training:  VPS recently hosted a 40-minute webinar, “Quality Basics – Tools and Definitions”.  This webinar introduced the basics of quality improvement.  It highlighted key terminology, the steps required for the QI process, and the tools used for pursuing QI initiatives (click here to view the presentation). 


  • VPS QI Workshops:  VPS is planning a series of learning workshops spread across multiple days throughout 2022; 

    • Learning QI Methodologies

    • Applying QI Using VPS Data

    • Interpreting and Analyzing QI Data

    • Practical Aspects of Implementing QI Projects

  • Annual Reports:  As we are heightening our focus on QI, VPS’s Annual Reports will be increasingly focused on enabling quality improvement efforts by our members, clients, and ICUs.

Please contact nbrundage@myvps.org with any questions or to learn more about how to get involved.