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VPS has been an invaluable and essential resource to support and drive clinical, operational, quality improvement, and research initiatives in both the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and throughout the Hospital.  This timely granular data has provided powerful support, directly impacting patient care quality and outcomes.


Akira Nishisaki, MD, MSCE

Attending Physician, Critical Care Medicine

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Since 2004, our PICU has depended on VPS to develop our continuous Quality and Performance Improvement program. The local data, as well as the comparative analyses have been invaluable, providing unique information in our journey from good to great. Finally, I could talk for hours-literally-about how VPS data has been used to further our research efforts in the PICU and organization. Our Graduate Medical Education program has benefitted greatly, producing award-winning programs of research for our medical and nursing trainees.


Michael L Forbes, MD, FCCM, FAAP

Department of Pediatrics|Division of Critical Care Medicine

Akron Children's Hospital


I have found VPS to be a tremendous and invaluable resource for performing research. How else could you obtain high-quality data from over 100 pediatric ICUs? And, their team actually helps us with study design in order to generate the highest quality research projects.


Steven L. Shein, MD

Associate Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital


Using VPS data for research has been a great experience for me. Through projects with VPS I have had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues at other institutions and complete my master's thesis. The data quality is excellent and the VPS team is very helpful. 


Michael C. McCrory, M.D. M.S.

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics

Pediatric Critical Care

Brenner Children's Hospital


We use VPS constantly to monitor various quality metrics such as LOS, SMR, device utilization and length of mechanical ventilation.  Frequently, we are able to identify problems as or before they happen and then monitor the effect of our changes and actively improve our processes.  Additionally, we use a variety of data points to augment both our patient stratification and baseline comparisons in research studies using validated patient metrics such as PICSIM, PRISM 3 and PELOD.

Brian M. Boville, MD

Pediatric Intensivist

Medical Director of Pediatric & Neontal ECMO

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital


VPS is the best benchmarking opportunity for pediatric critical care available by far. It continues to become more nimble and user-friendly year over year. The data entry is always rigorous and sound and much higher quality and other available national databases, and even some of our own quality analytics available at our own institution. The VPS team members are knowledgeable, patient and helpful while also offering a personal connection and perspective with each interaction. In addition, we use our own institution level data to assist with occupancy issues, throughput and staffing adjustments and individual service line evaluations.

Heidi Flori, MD

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital


I think VPS is an amazing endeavor and has really helped our institution and PICU.  Keep up the excellent work.

Simon Parsons, MD

Chief, Division of Critical Care

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Alberta Children's Hospital


VPS is a vital piece of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s PICU data analysis. The severity, acuity, and annual report information has driven Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s staffing needs as well as multiple other performance improvement projects. In my opinion, the VPS team has no rival in their responsiveness, ingenuity, skill, and management of such a large and robust database


Katie Nielsen, BSN, RN, CPN

Patient Safety Coordinator

Performance Improvement

Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha


Since coming on-board with the VPS community, I have had great support from the staff. VPS allows data teams the opportunity to understand, develop and modify databases to fit the diverse research needs of its customers. 


Jermaine Dunn, BSN, RN

VPS Site Coordinator

Children's of Alabama


We are using VPS to study intubation days over 48 hours. Our goal is to identify possible barriers to extubation that would lead to performance improvements and/or policy changes.


Kathy Menges, RN

RN Data Integrity Specialist

VPS Site Coordinator

Department of Coding and Clinical Documentation

Valley Children's Healthcare


Being able to run My Reports has been extremely helpful in monitoring our clinical outcomes.


Aimee Forman-Ogle, MSHI,BSN,RN,CPN

Center for Pediatric Research and Outcomes

Advent Health for Children