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Los Angeles, California - Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC (“VPS”) is proud to announce the unveiling of a new state-of-the-art, neonatal data ecosystem and analytics platform - “VPS NICU”.  This database serves the wide ranging clinical data management and analytic needs of high level NICU’s of all sizes and profiles including: unit management, quality improvement and clinical research. 


A myriad of registries exist in the neonatal landscape that address important specific needs and purposes -  general neonatal databases such as Vermont Oxford Network (VON), California Quality Perinatal Care Collaborative (CPQCC), and Children’s Hospital Neonatal Database (CHND); other condition-based registries such as National Health Safety Network (NHSN), Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS), High Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) databases, are just some examples.  Units taking part in one or more of these registries often spend large amounts of time, effort and costs in abstracting and submitting data and still find gaps in the clinical data and analytics they need, with no ability to analyze data elements across registries in a unified fashion.  VPS NICU addresses these gaps with a new paradigm – integrating neonatal datasets in a single, unified data ecosystem allowing for streamlined data abstraction and electronic submission, and an highly increased breadth of data available for each unit to use.


VPS NICU provides these significant advantages: 

  • Features robust benchmarking and risk adjustment similar to the other VPS data registries. 

  • Intelligently designed user interface, custom dashboards and query creation, and on-demand, ad hoc reporting with customizable graphical outputs. 

  • Streamlines data abstraction and submission with a high level of electronic data submission (EDS) and integration with major EMR’s

  • Provides an unprecedented level of data continuity by linking patients as they move between ICUs and epochs of care, including prenatal and transport contexts, NICU, HRIF Clinic, PICU (VPS) and Cardiac ICU (VPS Cardiac), allowing these patients to be followed across the hospital and system. 

  • Integrates custom data modules for the specific needs of individual NICUs – including bedside physiologic data, hospital acquired conditions, epidemiologic and cost-effectiveness analysis data.

VPS NICU is now accepting membership with the option to import prior registry data as far back as 2009.  If your institution is an existing VPS member, you are already contracted with VPS and will not need an additional legal review/approval.  A simple addendum can quickly add your NICU to the VPS NICU registry. 

Please contact VPS’s COO Brian Reisner at if you have interest to participate in the innovation of this exciting new neonatal endeavor designed for all neonatal ICUs and neonatologists.

About VPS, LLC

Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC (“VPS”) has grown from a small group of intensivists to a national organization supporting over 135 hospital units and over 1 million patient admission records (of which over 135,000 are Cardiac specific). The data base is the largest collaborative for quality improvement based on severity of illness adjusted comparisons of actual, detailed patient records in critical care.  This unique achievement allows VPS to provide state-of-the-art quality reports that are detailed, actionable and comprehensive for practitioners and hospital administrations.  VPS has improved the quality of pediatric critical care, built the largest national pediatric research collaborative, supported the publication of over 125 papers and contributed to impacting hundreds of thousands of children’s lives. 

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