About NCC

The Neuro Critical Care Module (NCC) is part of the research module that resides within the VPS application. The NCC module will enable users to collect additional neurologic data for patients admitted to the participating PICU. This module is designed to function with the VPS PICU and it selects the “neuro critical care patients” based on triggers to populate the module. Data from the trauma, pre-hospital care time, and emergency department are included as well as data from a daily ICU collection.  Daily PILOT score data is also part of this additional data collection.


Preliminary data results headed by Dr. Jose Pineda from Washington University at St Louis Children’s Hospital proved to be exciting and in January 2016, this module was opened to the entire VPS community.  Involvement in this module is optional. A web-based training and a definition manual will be provided for sites interested in participating. There are no additional fees for incorporating this module into a participating site’s data set.  

  • Neurological data elements

  • Over 10 participating hospitals

  • Over 20,000 cases harvested