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The 2021-2022 VPS Virtual Quality Conferences


VPS Virtual Quality Conference

November 16th, 2021






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2022 VPS Virtual Quality Conferences

Thank you to those who attended VPS's Virtual 2021 Quality Conference on November 16th (use link below to watch the videos). Your participation, enthusiasm, and insightful questions made for a great event and have led VPS to expand QI efforts with several new projects! 

  • VPS is planning a series of learning workshops spread across multiple days throughout 2022. These workshops will include different tracts for various interests such as:

    • Learning QI Methodologies

    • Applying QI Using VPS Data

    • Interpreting and Analyzing QI Data

    • Practical Aspects of Implementing QI Projects

We look forward to sharing more details and updates with you as soon as they are confirmed.  Thank you all for your support of VPS and our shared interest in QI. We look forward to your participation in one of the upcoming quality programs at VPS.

A Special Thank You to Our Partners