Admission Discharge Activity

through collaborative high quality data management and actionable comparative reports

The activity of admission and discharge is noted to be particularly resource intensive in the Pediatric ICU. The ability of an organization to understand the trends and patterns in admissions and discharges in their ICU may support the development of efficiencies that may support and improve the effectiveness and timeliness of care.


The Admission Discharge Overlay has been invaluable in understanding potential bottlenecks in patient movement. Additionally, it provided data to justify staffing decisions to optimize provider availability based on patient demand.

Matthew Scanlon, MD, CPPS

Medical College of Wisconsin

One of the most challenging daily administrative challenges in the ICU is matching staffing to meet demand. Although admissions and discharges are not often scheduled, they are nonetheless predictable based on average trends within any given institution. The admission/discharge overlays are invaluable when it comes to shaping and managing successful staffing models.

Paul Bauer, MD

Children’s Mercy Hospital