About VPS

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The VPS Mission

Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC ("VPS") seeks to improve critical care quality and outcomes for all children, and their families, through collaborative high quality data management and actionable comparative reports for clinicians and other health care leaders. VPS supports clinical research and develops clinical protocols applicable to pediatric critical quality assurance measures and educational tools derived from this research and widely disseminates the resulting information to pediatricians throughout the United States and participating International units.

Who We Are

Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC ("VPS") has grown from a small group of intensivists to a national organization with data from over 200 hospital units and over 1.5 million patient admission records (of which over 200,000 are Cardiac specific). The data base is the largest collaborative for quality improvement based on severity of illness adjusted comparisons of actual detailed patient records in critical care.


This unique achievement allows VPS to provide state of the art quality reports that are detailed, actionable and comprehensive for practitioners and hospital administrations. VPS has improved the quality of critical care, built the largest national research collaborative, supported the publication of over 125 papers and contributed to saving hundreds of thousands of children's lives.


In the future, VPS is ideally situated to expand from providing quality assessments to providing decision support, detailed outcomes tracking, discovery and prediction of adverse events and truly effective comparative effectiveness

research on hundreds of thousands of critically ill children. This will be achieved on top of VPS's already successful and vibrant critical care network by adding automated data collection and sophisticated data analysis being pioneered by

researchers developing an advanced computational framework for decision support for the care of critically ill children.

The Partners

Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC is co-owned by two nonprofits;


Children’s Hospital Association (“CHA”) advances child health through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with our children’s hospitals.  Representing 220 children’s hospitals, CHA is the voice of children’s hospitals nationally. With its members, the CHA champions policies that enable children’s hospitals to better serve children; leverages its position as the pediatric leader in data analytics to facilitate national collaborative and research efforts to improve performance; and spreads best practices to benefit the nation’s children.


Children's Hospital Los Angeles (“CHLA”) provides pediatric health care and helps patients more than 528,000 times each year in a setting designed just for their needs. CHLA’s medical experts offer more than 350 pediatric specialty programs and services to meet the needs of their patients.